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Nepal Society of the Disabled

नेपालीको लागि यँहा क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (For Nepali Language)

NSD has been carrying out its initiatives through its membership fee and donation/grants received from individuals, government and international communities.

In the initiation of Nepal Society of the Disabled (NSD) and Nepal Society of the Disabled Multipurpose Cooperative (NSDMC), Disabled Welfare Fund (DWF) was established in 2012 aiming to; promote self-employment of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and/or the guardians of physically weak/incompetent PWDs from economically, socially and educationally back-warded communities; support them for health, emergency relief and rescue; and support their children for scholarships/education.

There are three types of funds under DWF namely Disabled Self Employment Fund (DSEF), Health and Emergency Support Fund (HAESF) and Scholarships Fund (SF). The HAESF and SF are managed and mobilized by NSD and DSEF is managed and mobilized by NSDMC. The DWF was established in the support and donation of Nepali individuals. However, since the inception of DWF, NSD and NSDMC have been lobbying/collaborating/coordinating with different civil society organizations, private organizations and individuals for fund raising.

Among the collected funds in DWF, 25% for education/scholarships of the children of PWDs from marginalized and disadvantaged communities, 25% for health and emergency support and 50% for promoting self-employment of PWDs and/or their guardians will be utilized.

NSD and NSDMC will be accountable and transparent towards the funds/supports received from you. The details of the donors including amount and the beneficiaries of this fund will be put in this website.

You can help PWDs in need for uplifting their status in the society as dignified citizen.

Donation by bank transfer

Your donation can be transfered to our bank account:

Account Name: Nepal Apanga Samaj (In Nepali Language)

Account Number: 01201020253482


Name of Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.

                       Putalisadak branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

Please contact us about your donation. Please note that depending on the exchange rate and bank service charge the amount that we received may differ than the amount sent by you.

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Thank you for your kind support !