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Nepal Society of the Disabled

नेपालीको लागि यँहा क्लिक गर्नुहोस् (For Nepali Language)


The Nepal Society of the Disabled Multipurpose Cooperative (NSDMC) was established in 1998 by Nepal Society of the Disabled (NSD) aiming to support to uplift the livelihood of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and/or their guardians from economically, socially and educationally back-warded communities. NSDMC has been registered at Division Co-operative Office, Kathmandu as per the Nepal Cooperative Act 2048 (1991). It is the first cooperative organization established by PWDs to work in the disability sector. NSDMC was established with the coordination and support of Canadian Co-operative Office CIDA/CCO.

NSDMC has been operating through the share capitals collected from its shareholders/members, voluntary funds provided by the Nepalese people, and the funds/grants received from Government of Nepal and national/international non-governmental organizations. 

NSDMC has been contributing to uplift the socio-economic/livelihood status of PWDs and/or the guardians of physically weak/incompetent PWDs living under poverty line in different places of Kathmandu valley either permanently or temporarily through providing professional skills (capacity development) and financial service (loan without collator) to be self-employment and self-reliant.


  • Develop the vocational skills and capacity of PWDs and/or their guardians to be independent entrepreneurship/professional.
  • Create the opportunities to work together with PWDs and non-disabled and develop the feeling of mutual cooperation and frugality among them.
  • Provide the loan easily with minimum interest rate to PWDs and/or the guardians of physically weak/incompetent PWDs from socially, economically, educationally backward and have not also access to finance sector by engaging them under the share membership of NSDMC; and make helpful to uplift the livelihood of them through income-oriented business.
  • Make the PWDs capacitated to live as prestigious and respectful life in the family/home and society by minimizing the family and social discrimination due to being poor and disabled.


  • Kathmandu Valley

Target group

  • PWDs and/or the guardians of physically weak/incompetent PWDs residing either permanently or temporarily in Kathmandu valley who are socially, economically, educationally back-warded and have not also access to finance sector. 

Key activities of co-operative

  • Awareness raising programmes about co-operative for PWDs
  • Vocational skills and capacity development trainings
  • Savings and credit operation trainings
  • Trainings on saving collection and flow of business loan
  • Trainings on establishment and operation self-employment business

Capitals structure

Currently, the following listed capitals are in place in the NSDMC:

  • Share capitals
  • Grants received from governmental and non-governmental sectors
  • Disabled Self-employment Fund -DSF (Donation/Funds received by Nepalese people)

Our commitment to mobilize the capitals

NSDMC commits to follow the following points towards capital mobilization.

  • Prior to the capital mobilization for self-employment, the target groups will be brought under the share membership of NSDMC.
  • While mobilizing the capital, the principle of "Giving Early (First) and Taking Late (After)" will be applied with the target groups.
  • The grant received from Government and Non-government sectors will be kept in the Grant Fund rather than Share Capitals.
  • The voluntary fund provided by the individuals will be kept in the name of Apangata Swarojgar Kosh (Disabled Self-employment Fund-DSF) rather than share capitals.
  • Profit received from the mobilization of Grant Fund and Disabled Self-employment Fund will be utilized for daily operation of the organization and balance will be used to increase both the funds.
  • The liability of the share-holder will be limited to the share capital and will not be liable to grant fund and DSF.
  • In order to establishment and promotion of self-employment, the capital will be provided to the target groups simply and easily.
  • For the information to all, the annual income and expenditure of both the funds (grant fund and DSF) will be kept in the website of the organization each year.